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The Faces of the National ROPS Rebate Program
See how this program can impact you and your neighbors


"I have been in the tractor industry all my working life. I can rattle off names of people I know personally that have been hurt..."

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Roger's Story


"We all know that tractors are dangerous. It doesn't really affect you until the ones you love use them each day. When you work long hours..."

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Ginny's Story

Vermont ROPS

"As Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, I know how critical it is to not only support the important work of our hardworking farmers, but also to keep them safe while on the job..."

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Senator Ritchie's Story


"So, you never quite got around to getting rollover protection on your old tractor. Yeah, the seat belt is a pain in the neck. What is the big deal anyway?... "

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Ralph's Story


"I'm certain that a roll bar saved my life..."

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Wayne's Story


"September 1, 2002 started out a beautiful late summer day but quickly turned tragic..."

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Mike's Story


What if tractor overturn fatalities could be prevented?

In the News

Latest News: Tractor rollover death brings attention to rollbar program

Tractor rollover death brings attention to rollbar program

September 8, 2016

Mark Wright was using a tractor to haul wood on his hilly property south of Mount Horeb this month when the tractor rolled over and crushed him to death. The 1950s tractor, like about half of the 200,000 tractors on farms in Wisconsin, didn't have a rollbar, which can greatly reduce...


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Minnesota Department of Agriculture
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Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Foods & Markets

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